The only decentralised B2B e-commerce that uses the Blockchain to transform the Latin American continent into one market

Symbol  UTS
Project Type Token
Total Supply  200 000 000 000
Platform Ethereum
Category cryptocurrency
Start Date  15/02/2018
Finish Date  30/04/2018
White Paper  Open


The UTEMIS cryptocurrency is transforming the entire Latin American continent into a single economic space:
Conduct business in the entire Latin American continent as if it were one country, find new clients and suppliers and evaluate them by their reputation
Save 99% of the current costs of conducting transactions and payments, no bureaucracy or waste of time and instant payment.

Same as Chinese e-commerce giants, your purchases are 100% protected with UTEMIS escrow account, if something happens you get 100% of your money back.
Trust and reputation are the fuel that drives business growth. By decentralizing their reputation on the Ethereum Blockchain, businesses that are honest will thrive, and those that are not will find themselves driven out from the system. And for the first time ever 100% of this outcome depends on them.

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