Urbit Data

Bigger than Airbnb! The next Revolution of the Real Estate market Disrupting a Multi-trillion Dollar Industry

Symbol URB
Total Supply 600.000.000
Token Price 0.10
Fundraising Goal 19.000.000
Platform Ethereum
Category Real Estate
Start Date 14/06/2018
Finish Date 14/07/2018
Currencies Accepted ETH, BTC


Urbit Data’s mission is to create transparency and efficiency in the real estate market. As of today, Urbit Data has already product which offers an ad-hoc evaluation of any real estate object in the Spanish market. We developed a powerful data collection engine which gathers information from various publicly available data sources and combines them intelligently in order to be able to calculate the value of any real estate property in Spain.

Using an open approach based on open source and blockchain technology, we want to create an ecosystem where comprehensive information on all real estate properties can be digitally stored, evaluated and transferred. The whole real estate market will greatly benefit from this due to the improvement in transparency and efficiency.

Urbit Data is backed by a strong experienced team of experts in the real estate market and in blockchain technology. It is our vision and will to work towards a transparent and efficient real estate market, accessible by everyone, everywhere and at any time.


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