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Launch Your ICO Funding Platform in 2 Weeks

Trust the experts who have previously built scalable and secure ICO platforms.


Crowdsale Platform

Give your customers great first impression with a professional and easy-to-use interface


Verify your crowdsale participants with KYC system that banks and other financial institutions trust.
Get 3000 verifications for free

Payment Gateway

Accept over 50 different cryptocurrencies + USD/EUR

Token Creation

We will create your a Smart ERC20 Contract that you need for your crowdsale

Affiliate System

Make your project's backers also your brand ambassadors with a multiple tier affiliate system

Regulatory Complying

People with only the right jurisdiction can participate in your crowdsale

Extra Layer of Security

DDos protection
Real-time monitoring & alerts

Scalable Platform

System that can handle millions of clients

KYC/AML Process Your Bank Loves

When starting your crowdsale, there is a largely unspoken problem, trying to get your bank to accept the Funds from ICO, they usually aren't the most compliant to do so.
The main reasons for Financial Institutions not accepting your ICO funds is not having thorough enough Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer process.
Our platform provides you with a KYC process that international Financial institutions are already using.


Malicious Bot Blocking

Cloud Web Application Firewall

Datacenters Across the Globe

DNSSEC Protection

DDos Protection

Automatically Scaling Servers

Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts

Pentested Platform & Servers


Kuno KompusHead of Partnerships
Hans-Jürgen PokmannChief Technology Officer
Airi KasemaaProject manager
Kaarli AuksmannBusiness Development Executive

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