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What are ICOStream readers interested in?

Topics: Our content educates, inspires and gives a truthful insight into the crypto, blockchain technology & ICO world.

Lenght: We are looking to provide our readers with quality content, therefore we recommend the article to be between 400-800 words. It's also fine if articles longer than our suggestion.

Tell us if it's timely:

If your article has a timeline on it, please let us know. Due to a large workload, it takes us up to 48 hours to get to the article.

Advice for getting published:

Stories that don't give actionable advice or takeaways won't likely be selected for publication. For ICOStream great advice means usable advice that our readers can use or make their own decision upon.

Trustworthy sources:

Please, always fact check your stories, crowdsources like Wikipedia might not be the best source of information. We like the writers to put in at least a few links beside their own company.

Before you submit your article:

Proofread your article: We don't accept poorly made content, if your article is full of factual errors or typos, it won't be accepted.

Link to your sources: Don't expect that ICOstream editors will do the heavy lifting for you. For example: if you interview someone please say it in your content, and also add or link the source where you got your information.


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