Stockchain Global

Stockchain is poised to drastically improve how financial assets are bought, managed, and sold


Symbol  STC
Project Type Token
Total Supply  1000000000
Platform Ethereum
Category Finance
Start Date  19/01/2018
Finish Date  28/02/2018
White Paper  Open
 Website  Open

STC (and its presale variant, STC Gold) will enable Stockchain users to tokenize, issue, trade, and manage their financial assets on the Ethereum Blockchain. The platform will be compliant with the regulatory regimes of any given jurisdiction in which it is deployed, making widespread, mainstream adoption of blockchain in real-world use cases a reality. Stockchain users will be able to pair up and interact directly with issuers and purchasers, creditors and debtors, buyers and sellers without having to go through the time, frustration, and expense of third-party intermediaries, effectively flattening international finance.

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