Scroll Token

Proprietary enterprise blockchain software. Documented low cost, high speed, broad scalability, and strong security. No token mining required!

Symbol SCRL
Total Supply 5,000,000,000
Platform Ethereum
Category Software
Start Date 17/04/2018
Finish Date 14/06/2018
White Paper Open


Low Cost, High Speed, Broad Scalability, and Strong Security.
Until the Scroll Network, no one else had one solution that could provide peak performance in all four of these crucial “facets” of data management and storage! We have already reduced our transaction costs to fractions of a cent. We have documented record-breaking speed in transactions per second (TPS). Our software scales automatically as the user base or number of applications grows… whether for major companies or individual consumers. We are confident this proprietary and groundbreaking software will quickly set the bar for scalability using Blockchain technology. Finally, we also provide dramatically higher security than existing 3rd party cloud services with our Hypernode Protocol and Peer to Verified Peer (P2VP) consensus model.

Although no competitor can combine these four facets of our Diamond Data as successfully as we do, we are not resting on our laurels! We continue to grow and improve performance in each of these critically important areas.

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