Realty Crypto Investment

Cryptoinvestment in real property

Symbol RCI
Total Supply 100 000 000
Platform Ethereum
Category Finance
Start Date 22/02/2018
Finish Date 07/04/2018
White Paper Open


Realty Crypto Investment is a community of realtors and developers from different countries. Our team consists of professionals from Spain, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Czech Republic. Some of us have more than 20 years of experience!

The blockchain technology gave us the opportunity to consolidate investors and developers. A time has come when we can gather all the best that we have in blockchain and make a strong and reliable product which protects investments. We see many pitfalls of different ICOs and we understand that tokens should have real market value. That’s why we distribute profits (pay dividends) gathered as a result of our job. We will share profits by these numbers: 40% will be kept by the team for further investment and 60% — will be distributed among token holders.

Moreover, all participants will be able to vote different options for investment. We will only buy realty that YOU choose. Thus each investor will have an influence on our investment policy and RCI token’s price.

Finally, Top-20 of our token holders will have the right to use company’s hotels and apartments for leisure.

Therefore, our project is a mixture of blockchain and a real business in the material world.

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