R2B Coin

124 800% Growth Since The Launch


The Vision

R2B Coin disrupts the financial world by enabling everyone to become part of it. Thanks to its simple and open business model, R2B Coin is extremely efficient in growing rapidly and covering world-markets. R2B Coin is set out to be among the 5 largest and most usable digital currencies within 2019.

Symbol R2BS
Project Type Token
Total Supply 34 000 000
Platform Ethereum
Category Finance
End date 22/08/2018
White Paper
Bounty  Open
Currencies Accepted USD


The Mission

R2B International is about people

R2B enables its global community members to share our mission of financial freedom by dynamically engaging through R2B’s cooperative affiliate business model. This model cultivates sustainable passive income streams and opportunities to build generational wealth for its community members.
R2B has programs that enable you to acquire property- your first home, a new car, a boat, motorbikes plus many extraordinary economic benefits. And if you have a dream of starting your own company but need financing or know how, we are here to help you realize all your dreams! R2B is already assisting people in over 30 countries to achieve financial freedom, see what R2B could do for you!

R2B Launch Program

This program is created to help start-up companies with funding and a world-wide launch.
The current company we are helping is a Global Classified Ads company where we have negotiated a very good deal both for all of you and R2B International. This company will sell Annual Advertising Packages (AAP) for $399, with an unlimited number of ads for companies.When you buy the R2B packages, you will get the AAP for only $100, and if you buy more they will give you an extra bonus.

R2B International Loyalty Program

In addition to our wonderful rent 2 buy opportunity, R2B International offer users that participate in either Rent to Buy Program or R2B Launch Program, a participation in our utility coins system. This participation is in the form of three cryptocurrencies that offer three different opportunities. Here’s a full overview of the gifted coins. Coin Balance and Value can be managed from your account main page.


This coin will be gifted to everyone who participates in either R2B Programs.This Coin started at $0.008 and is increasing daily, it will be given away for a short period before it goes into trading, and you can see the live countdown here. The goal during this period is to reach at least $188 but it can also go higher.

The big purpose of R2B Coin is to be the most usable coin in the market, and we are already working with companies that will accept this coin as a payment method outside our structure. The target is to reach minimum 1 million companies that will accept this Coin within the first year after trade-start.

A maximum of 34 million coins will be released into the market.


This coin will only be gifted to the people who participate in the higher levels in our R2B Launch Program. It is aimed at going into public trading from January 1st, 2019.

R2B Pro Coin represents future ownership of the structure itself and a monthly payout of the company profits per coin. This amount per coin will vary monthly and will be paid out from September 2018 depending on the results of R2B International.

At January 1st, 2020, R2B international will give the same amount of shares as coins in the market to the holders of the coins at this moment, and then list R2B International on the stock exchange March 1st, 2020.

Maximum 20 million coins will be released into the market, and targeted value per coin at trade start is $300


It will be gifted to users who participate on a medium level and up in the R2B Launch Program

This coin is not owned by R2B International, but by SUF Group itself.

Read more about this coin here www.sufcoin.com

R2B Coin Marketed through an affiliate program

It is clearer than ever that a large group of people can make a big difference. The power of the people is so strong that throughout history it has changed countries, saved lives by masses joining together against unfair rulings and regulations.
Imagine what it can do with R2B Coin, just by everyone telling all their friends and acquaintances about this unique opportunity – historically there are no limits to how big this can be and how valuable it can be. It is really the right time and place to use the well-known phrase: POWER TO THE PEOPLE.
MLM companies have created several coins, but what they all have in common to our knowledge is that none of them are registered as a serious currency, it just exists on their website and is therefore useless in the real world. R2B Coin, on the other hand, is registered on the Ethereum Platform, uses blockchain and has pre-mined coins.

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