AI+Blockchain ad exchange network providing transparent data to all parties, ensuring optimized user experience & empowering social impact campaigns.

Symbol NOIZ
Total Supply 400,000,000
Platform Ethereum
Category Advertising & Marketing
Start Date 15/07/2018
Finish Date 15/08/2018
White Paper Open


Digital advertising has been creating problems for advertisers, publishers, and customers for various reasons:

  • Advertisers don’t trust the data provided by publishers because spambots are inflating the clicks, views, and impressions on publisher sites.
  • Publishers are suffering from data leakage in working with current ad exchange platforms in addition to losing the interest of advertisers as a result of not being able to provide transparent data.
  • Customers are plagued with irrelevant, repetitive ads that hurt their online experience and are often unaware of the data they provide to ad exchange networks.

NOIZ is solving these problems by combining a hybrid Artificial Intelligence (AI) system with blockchain technology to create a Proof of Engagement concept, forming a completely new digital ad exchange platform.

In other words, NOIZ is authenticating data as being true customer data, rather than spambot data, while also creating an atmosphere where customers not only feel more comfortable engaging with ads but are also given fun incentives to do so through the form of token rewards.

NOIZ is taking this Proof of Engagement concept even further by including charitable foundations into the token flow between advertisers, publishers, and customers. With social impact becoming a major concern of companies around the world due to the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the NOIZ network will help drive the success of social responsibility campaigns.

NOIZ will also provide higher advertising revenue to publishers and lower advertising costs for advertisers through predictive analyses that are more accurate than those of current ad exchange platforms.

NOIZ knows how to address these digital ad issues thanks to a strong team of many advertising veterans, coming from top ad agencies like Dentsu and Ogilvy, with decades of experience in the industry.

It is the belief of NOIZ that a decentralized ad server, which allows the community to be the driving force behind the advertising ecosystem, will be the only way to build a robust advertising model for true engagement now and in the long-term.

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