Menuva is a secure payment platform that adjusts the payments to customer needs. One platform for all cryptocurrency payments!

Symbol  MENU
Project Type Token
Total Supply  42 425 000
Platform Payment platform
Category Finance
Start Date  08/02/2018
Finish Date  12/04/2018
White Paper  Open
 Website  Open


The use of smartcontracts and payment plugins allowing payment processing automatization and various cryptocurrency acceptance. Even if there is a problem We have our own decentralized dispute system which protects the funds and provides the ability for trustworthy Menuva users to earn.

Sellers have an opportunity to use one gateway for all their cryptocurrency needs as we are developing payment plugins for all the major CMS systems. All currencies are also protected from the constant price fluctuations so You always have the expected amount in USD!

DAC protocol (exchange), P2P blockchain chat, rating system, dispute system and smartcontract creator are just a small part of all the features we plan to bring. 

Support Menuva and bring security to crypto payments!

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