A decentralized social platform for users, content creators, and advertisers

Symbol UDOO
Total Supply 888,888,888
Platform Ethereum
Category Social Network
Start Date 12/06/2018
Finish Date 12/07/2018
White Paper Open


Designed to stimulate greater trust, openness, and transparency, the platform rewards and empowers the users, content creators, and communities that form the true value of any social network. It’s about giving users complete control over their personal data, and the choice of whether or not to monetize such insights; it’s about providing the means to measure the trust and reputation of information sources; it’s about inspiring content creators, giving them the ability to maintain ownership of their assets across all third party channels, and the opportunity to receive a fair return for their efforts; and it’s about giving advertisers the chance to engage with willing audiences, and to incentivize all influencers in a simple and convenient fashion.

In other words, we’re developing capabilities that will fundamentally re-shape the concept of social media, of what is and isn’t possible. Why? Because we believe social networks should be based on a spirit of integrity, collective participation, and shared interests. A belief that’s in direct opposition to existing social media platforms that are more concerned with generating advertising revenues at the expense of the user experience or encouraging and incentivizing true creativity. At Howdoo, our business model would see profits distributed back into the communities and individual users who are ultimately responsible for creating them. We want to reward user activity; to use personal preferences and communal interests to drive online commerce; to give people the choice of whether they even want to receive advertising; and to offer advertisers themselves access to their ideal target markets – alongside the ability to converse with people actively prepared to listen. This is Howdoo.


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