Hedge Coin Capital

Investing in the digital world, made simple.

Symbol HCL
Total Supply 136,000,000
Platform Ethereum
Category Finance
Start Date 01/03/2018
Finish Date 01/03/2018
White Paper Open


Hedge Coin Capital Limited (HCC) is an Australian based
cryptocurrency portfolio manager which facilitates contributions from investors into a
portfolio of digital assets; cryptocurrencies, ICO’s, Derivatives, Startup Blockchain
Technologies, and Hedge Funds. Hedge Coin Capital manages a hedge fund committed
to delivering exceptional returns for contributors through an actively managed portfolio
of these crypto assets. HCC will differentiate itself from traditional funds management
through utilizing blockchain technology that helps increase profits, transparency, and
decreases fraud. This is the basis on which HCC was founded – to make it easy for
potential contributors to diversify their portfolio and generate significant returns in
blockchain technology utilizing our knowledge and expertise.

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