Globatalent is an extraordinary revolution where you can invest in your worldwide sporting heroes

Symbol  GBT
Total Supply  1,000,000,000
Platform Sports
Category Finance
Start Date  16/04/2018
Finish Date  06/05/2018
White Paper  Open


Globatalent is a blockchain platform where clubs and players can find funding by selling their future revenue rights. Globatalent offers all fans from across the globe the ability to invest in their sporting idols. An idea thought up by sports entrepreneurs, Globatalent has arrived to decentralize sport as a whole. With encryption and blockchain technology, fans have the ability to buy and sell in the safest way possible. The vast experience in the sporting world means that Globatalent has a group of passionate and dedicated individuals who want to make a difference to the future of sports. No sport is left out and we know we can change sporting prodigies lives.

Our co-founders have more than 50 years experience within the top international level in Sports Management. They have been involved in Basketball, Tennis, Formula 1, Soccer and within the sports entertainment industry.

All pre-ICO and ICO will be followed by KYC and AML proceeds. There will also be a focus on accredited investors. We are a self-regulated ICO.

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