When You Need A Team

Symbol DREAM
Total Supply 100 000 000
Token Price 1 DREAM = 0.8 USD
Fundraising Goal
Platform Ethereum
Category Artificial Intelligence/Big Data
Start Date 16/06/2018
Finish Date 14/07/2018
Currencies Accepted ETH


Project success hinges on the team, yet pulling the right one together is tough. DREAM learns from the outcomes of past projects to build freelance teams with the right skills and fit. DREAM is the world’s leading marketplace for high-end blockchain talent and has already handled thousands of projects collectively worth over $8m. Machine learning creates new possibilities to build teams and manage tasks. The blockchain underpins trust with verified reputations pulled from our network of partners.

DREAM Ecosystem

DREAM is underpinned by the blockchain and powered by artificial intelligence. DREAM gives access to the wisdom of the collective, whilst learning from the success of past projects and teams.


DREAM Builder is assessing the viability of ideas, connecting the right talent, at the right stages of the project. DREAM Builder is an advisor, project manager, and team builder.

DREAM AI is trained by human experts who are incentivised to train the AI system with DREAM Tokens. The AI system learns from real-world project outcomes within and external to the DREAM Ecosystem.

DREAM Reputation consolidates trust and expertise whilst ensuring portability and ownership of personal data. Freelancers can demonstrate personal success in other blockchain ecosystems and bring their reputation and identity back into DREAM.

DREAM Talent provides high-end talent as advisors for short-term engagements, freelancers for longer-term projects, and gigs for fixed price deliverables.

DREAM Token is a utility token for use throughout the DREAM ecosystem. Without needing an exchange, customers can purchase DREAM Tokens on DREAM Exchange to pay for premium services, advisors, freelancers, gigs, and partner services.

Token Use Case

DREAM Token is a utility token that can be used to buy premium services and hire talent, and also a reward token that incentivizes community
members or advisors to grow the platform. DREAM Tokens are only valuable in the sense that they are required to access and use the services offered by the DREAM platform. Use cases are as follows:

● Hire strategic advisors

● Buy fixed-price gigs

● Hire teams and individual experts

●  Premium services for enterprise

●  Reference checks

●  Rewards for growing DREAM

●  Rewards for AI training

●  Partner services


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