DORÆ is the blockchain-enabled global supply chain accountability system

Symbol DAE
Total Supply 100,000,000
Token Price
Fundraising Goal
Platform Ethereum
Category Business Service
Start Date 26/03/2018
Finish Date 30/06/2018
Currencies Accepted

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Dorae is the Blockchain-enabled global supply chain accountability system. Its implementation solves the problem of lack of trust between distant links in global supply chains. Through Dorae, compliant primary producers can be empowered, manufacturing businesses protected and consumers satisfied.

The Solution: Dorae

Dorae is the engine powering a Blockchain that inviolably records the origin, transit and processing of raw materials into finished goods. Each time a unit of material changes hands, from its point of extraction (mine/farm/etc.) to finished product, a key data set will be hashed onto an immutable Blockchain.

Through the application of Dorae, consumers can know that they are buying goods made with inputs that do not cause suffering and destruction – no child labor, no deforestation, no armed rebels. And businesses can rest easy, knowing that their supply chains do not harbor explosive risks to their brands and balance sheets.


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