Innovative Decentralized Platform for Financial Gaming Projects

Symbol GAC
Total Supply 50 000 000
Token Price 0.0025 ETH
Fundraising Goal 28 500 000
Platform Ethereum
Category Virtual Reality
Start Date 14/04/2018
Finish Date 13/07/2018
Currencies Accepted Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), LiteCoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), USD (PayPal & Banking Invoice)


CryptoHIT is a project designed to create a new generation decentralized platform for games using blockchain technologies and smart contracts based on Ethereum.

Predominantly, CryptoHIT platform will support decentralized games based on Ethereum blockchain, which are already under development – while many game studios that have nothing to do with blockchain are trying to integrate their own gaming platforms to a decentralized platform.

In addition, CryptoHIT develops financial games with special game mechanics, which allows players to earn real money and not only play for fun and pleasure. This means that each participant of the project can start receiving their return on investment in our games before CryptoHIT decentralized platform launches.

Key features of the platform:

• Miniscule commission fees.

• Exchange of virtual goods and monetization of gaming achievements for GAC tokens enables players to purchase start packages and items in other games or exchange for Ethereum and cash out.

• Multi-level incentive program for attracting players and developers, the income from which will come regardless of the games on the platform in which the player makes a payment.

• Transparent arbitration, competition, lottery, event staging and marketing systems for players and developers based on the blockchain technology.

• Easy integration of external game projects into the platform with API and SDK, eradication of fraud and cheating.

• Established gaming audience lowers marketing expenditures for developers.

A full-scale launch of CryptoHIT decentralized platform will help to establish strong relations between game projects integrated into the platform, as well as between the participants of the gaming community of these projects. This will make the game world brighter and all its participants richer.


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