CoinJanitor will unlock value that is trapped in failed coins

Symbol JAN
Total Supply 100,000,000
Platform Ethereum
Category Finance
Start Date 02/04/2018
Finish Date 31/05/2018
White Paper Open


CoinJanitor offers a recycling mechanism to restore the lost value in functionally dead coins and reduce cryptocurrency market dilution. Holders, community members and creators of failed coins are provided a way to join a project that has the network effect that the projects they created or supported failed to achieve, and implementing a subsequent systematic burn of the coins bought out.

Failed coins are profiled and a buy-out program is set up so that the coins creators turn over access to GitHub, other code repositories, and all
marketing assets. CoinJanitor burns the coins it bought and underlying blockchains are disabled. Relevant code repositories are organized and turned into an open-source blockchain library available to any community member for future developments and academic purposes. CoinJanitor compiles relevant data that is otherwise missing.

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