Decentralizing Arbitage: a fully working product based on automated arbitrage technologies for cryptocurrency markets

Symbol ATAO
Total Supply 800,000,000
Token Price 1 ATAO = 0.1 USD
Fundraising Goal 48,000,000
Platform ATAO
Category Cryptocurrency
Start Date 22/07/2018
Finish Date 19/08/2018
Currencies Accepted BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, XMR, DASH, BTG, XRP, Z CASH


Arbitao is an opportunity to earn profits with automated arbitrage strategies including arbitrage pairs and chains without risk, based on specialized algorithms, financial expertise, and unique technical solutions.

Arbitao offers various investment pools for each type of individual in order to benefit from automated arbitrage trading together as a community.

Arbitao is developing the ATAOwallet with integrated cloud computing features to solve the highly complex solution room of possible arbitrage chains. Any member of the community will be able to contribute computing power to the system and earn additional rewards in the process.

Arbitao is working on building a unique network infrastructure in order to reduce latency by up to x100 and execute the trades in the shortest time possible.

Arbitao is an aggregator of liquidity and an instrument for lowering volatility of the whole cryptocurrency market, which will aid the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and make the market more attractive to institutional investors due to improved maturity.

Arbitao will provide an internal exchange with low fees for the community for easy and safe transactions between BTC and ATAO.


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