Decentralizing Ticket Resale with Blockchain

Symbol AMI
Total Supply 40000000
Token Price
Fundraising Goal
Platform Ethereum
Category Entertainment/Art
Start Date 01/04/2018
Finish Date 31/07/2018
Currencies Accepted ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH



(Latin word close to the meaning of Gathering of Friends) is an innovative platform that will decentralize the ticket re-sale industry using blockchain and secure identity platform.  The platform will be secure, transparent and free of any transaction/processing fees for buying and selling of only authenticated tickets in the secondary re-sale market.

Sellers will be able to list their tickets in fiat (using a market-feed oracle, the platform will calculate AMI prices at the time of purchase) that will be authenticated with smart contract and Buyers will be able to buy tickets with the AMI token (the new cryptocurrency based on Ethereum blockchain) at 0 transaction fee and 0 processing fees.

Rewards will also be offered to users for transacting on the platform.


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